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Comment utiliser une tondeuse à essence ?

Gas-powered mowers may seem a bit intimidating, but they are actually very easy to use. Here’s how to use a gas mower in seven simple steps:

Make sure your lawn mower has been properly assembled.

Whether you’re using a new gas mower for the first time or just pulled an old mower out of its garage, make sure all the parts are in place. Handles should be strong and secure, cables should be cut, and the grass collection bag should be in place.

Check fuel and oil levels

Gasoline used in a lawn mower should not be more than one month old, or three months at the most. If you have old gasoline If your machine contains used gasoline, empty it and refill it with fresh gasoline. If you recently filled your mower with gas, you should be able to remove the cap and look inside to see how much gas is left.

In addition to gasoline, a gasoline lawn mower also needs oil to operate. To check the oil level, unscrew the oil cap and remove it. A dipstick is attached to it and tells you the recommended oil level. Add oil if necessary before replacing the plug.

Press the prime button

Some gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with a primer button. If this is the case with yours, now is the time to press this button several times, which sends fuel to the machine and allows it to start. If your mower doesn’t have a primer button, chances are it will suck fuel automatically.

Adjust the height of cut

You will find levers near the wheels of your mower that will allow you to adjust its cutting height. Some mowers can be adjusted with just one lever, while others have four (one for each wheel). If you need to move your mower over rough terrain to access your lawn, set it to the highest height for now so you can push it more easily, then lower it once you’ve reached your lawn.

Starting your lawn mower

To start your petrol lawn mower, you must first pull the throttle. This is usually located near the handle. Next, if your mower has a recoil starter, pull the cable firmly. As soon as the engine starts, gently tuck the cable back into its holder, rather than dropping it and letting it snap back.

If your mower has a start button, simply press that button instead of pulling on a cable.

Cut the grass

When your lawn mower is running, push it across the grass – most people do this in a straight line. When you get to the end of a line, tilt your mower onto a rear wheel and rotate it 180 degrees. This will put you in the right position to start the next line.

Empty the grass collection bag

Some lawnmowers come with an indicator on the grass collection bag to tell you when it’s full. If yours is not, you will need to check regularly when the bag needs to be emptied. If your mower starts to choke, it’s probably because the bag is full.

To empty your bag, release the throttle on your mower and it will stop automatically. Unhook the grass collection bag and carefully remove it – don’t be too rough or you’ll end up spilling the grass. Empty the bag onto a compost heap before putting it back in your mower.

You can then turn your gas mower back on and continue mowing.

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  • Alina Jumabhoy has spent several years learning and experimenting with different organic growing techniques in various gardens and farms around the country. Driven by her quest for self-sufficiency, she is now putting this information to good use on her own rural farm.

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